Users occasionally send email to the wrong recipients - clicking Reply To All instead of Reply, mistyping an email address, or guessing an email address and getting it wrong - and suffer violations of security or privacy as a result. Kangaroo is an extension to webmail systems that aims to alleviate this problem by automatically displaying pictures of the selected recipients in a peripheral display, while the user is composing an email message. Kangaroo currently utilizes google images and facebook searches as techniques for obtaining faces from email addresses. Furthermore, it has the ability to discover mailing list memberships from existing web data sources, and a user interface design that keeps important facecs recognizable while scaling up to hundreds or thousands of recipients. Preliminary experiments suggest that faces significantly improve users' ability to detect misdirected emails with only a brief glance.

Kangaroo is currently supported by two web-based email systems: Gmail and Webmail. The structure of Kangaroo is such that it could easily be ported to additional email systems in later releases.

Install Kangaroo

Kangaroo in action within Gmail Kangaroo displaying a group of headshots in cascading scale within Webmail
Kangaroo in action within the Gmail and MIT Webmail systems