Inky (short for Internet Keywords) is a Firefox extension that provides a sloppy command line for the web.

It can be useful for people who often go to a website knowing exactly what they want the website to do and what information the website probably needs to do it. For example, people going to a travel website to book a flight know that the site needs to know when they want to travel, where they are traveling to and from, and how many people are travelling. Unfortunately, even though users know exactly what information the website wants, they are forced to parse the website's interface and go through some tedious form that requires each input to be put in its correct field.

Inky makes interacting with these websites faster and more flexible by providing a keyword command language for those websites. A command language interface increases efficiency since users won't have to scan for input fields. It also lets users save and repeat commands more easily. Using keywords for the command language instead of rigid syntax means users can type in their information in any order and use easy easy-to-remember synonyms. That, along with Inky's interactive feedback, let it mitigate the learnability and memorability problems associated with traditional command line interfaces.

Install Inky

Screenshot of Inky with partially inputted
command and feedback.
Inky provides hints, such as what information a command still needs, to help you complete commands.

Screenshot of Inky providing possible functions for an argument.
Given some data, Inky can also guess at what action you are trying to do.

A few things you can do with Inky

Speed through a specialized search

Tired of going to wikipedia.org, scrolling down to their search box, and typing your query there every time you want to look up something on the wiki? With Inky, you can simply type wiki followed by what you want to look up to run a wikipedia search. Inky also supports searches that might require multiple inputs (looking up the weather in your city and state). You can even write custom search functions that combine results from several places or allow you to search a page that doesn't have an existing search box.

Send off a quick email

Sometimes you just want to zip off a quick email with a one-line subject off to someone. Usually you'd have to go to your email client's 'compose' screen, fill out the email in the 'To' field, fill out the subject in the 'Subject' field and finally scroll down to hit 'Send'. In Inky, just typing in the email address and subject (in any order) will allow you to do the same thing! Inky will also remind you to add a subject if you forget and only enter an email address. For the insecure types, Inky will only bring you to the compose page and fill everything out for you so you can double check what is there. However, if you want things done in a jiffy, hitting Ctrl+Enter will make Inky send off the email for you. Inky can also be used for other useful forms like making reservations for a room or a flight.

Get to fuzzy bookmarks

Can't remember the exact name of some bookmark you often go to? Inky allows you to create bookmarks that take in any number of possible names to let you use synonyms or abbreviations. It can also always pop up a bookmark in a new window or do other useful actions with it. This is especially useful for chrome urls. (Try copy-pasting chrome://mozapps/content/extensions/extensions.xul?type=extensions in your location bar and hitting 'Enter'.)