The Web has become an important medium for delivering information, but different users have different preferences for how information is displayed. What the problems users will have when reading web pages is the issue we concern. Foggy is an implementation of our idea to solve part of the problems we found, including distractions and readability of web pages.

Froggy is a Firefox extension that allows the user to read web pages in your preferred style. Specifically, we hope to reduce the distractions and enhance the readability of a web page. We provide two toggle buttons (functions) to achieve the goal, one is Clean Page and another is Jenga Format. Clean Page button can help you detect possible distractions, such as advertisements or too large content images, then shrink them propotionally and dim them out. Jenga Format button allows you to transform the paragraphs to ease your reading and enhance the readability, including shrink secondary (less important) sentences and enlarge the space between sentences.

After installation, you can press "F2" to hide or show the Froggy toolbar.

Install Froggy

Figure 1: Froggy to a web page. (Left: original page. Right: running Froggy to a web page.)