Getting Started

Opening or closing the Froggy toolbar

To open (or close) the Froggy toolbar, you can just hit F2.

Froggy toolbar bar

Clean Page

You can clean a web page by clicking "Clean Page" button. After hitting the button, Froggy will detect, shrink and dim out the predicted distractions for you. You can also unclick "Clean Page" button back to original page.

Before click Clean Page
Figure 2: Before clicking "Clean Page" button
After click Clean Page
Figure 3: After clicking "Clean Page" button

Jenga Format

After clicking the "Jenga Format" button, two sliders will show up at the right of the button. They are "Font Slider" and "Space Sider".

"Font Slider" is used to make secondary sentences smaller. When you click "Jenga Format" button, Froggy will help you set secondary sentences with default size. "Space Slider" is used to change the space between sentences, which is located in the clicked paragraph.

For example, you can drag the "Font Slider" to the smallest value, and all the paragraphs will show only one sentence for you. If you are interested in knowing some paragraph, you can simply click each paragraph to read the details. At this moment, you can also drag the "Space Slider" to change the gap between sentences, like this, to help your reading. When you go to another web site, your Froggy will keep your original setting to your visiting Web site. For example, if you switch from Economist to Technology Review, your Froggy setting will apply to new visiting Web site.