Deneme is a blog describing experiments done on Amazon Mechanical Turk.  The blog is hosted by the User Interface Design group and Haystack group at MIT’s Center for People, Software and Information.

Postings are welcome from any researchers using or thinking about how to use MTurk.  Contact us if you’d like to contribute a post.

The overarching goal of the experiments is to find good ways to get more and more complex Mechanical Turk tasks done quickly and accurately.  Many of the experiments use a toolkit called TurKit for posting iterative tasks to MTurk.  Some experiments are rigorous in that they have testable hypotheses and others are more exploratory.  At this stage in the development of MTurk as a marketplace, both are important.

Deneme (deh-neh-meh) is Turkish for “experiment” or “essay”.

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  • Really appreciate the detailed experiments on Turkit. Wondering how far you’ve taken the iterative approach to creating specialized “niche” content with the wiki-style approach.

    I’m about to create a bunch of deep content pages in the health insurance, health, nutrition, and fitness space — wondering if you see your approach with Turkit as a potential means of turning stubs into content pages — or if this breaks down as expertise is required (and content will iterate toward “conventional” content vs. “expert insight”)