Collaborative Coding in the Browser

Collaborating programmers should use an integrated development environment designed specifically for collaboration – not the same one designed for solo programmers with a few collaboration tools tacked on.

Collabode is a web-based Java IDE for close, synchronous collaboration between programmers.

Syntax highlighting, error markers, code completion, ...

“Hey, could you help me out on this method?”
Send someone a Collabode URL and work together immediately, without any setup.

“I’ll write a test, you get started on the implementation.”
Work together on the same project without the overhead of version control.

Passing and failing unit tests


Eclipse on the server to manages projects and powers standard IDE services: continuous compilation, compiler errors and warnings, code formatting and refactoring, and execution.

EtherPad enables collaboration between multiple simultaneous editors. Any number of programmers can work on the same file, and their concurrent changes are shared in near real-time.


Download a compiled plug-in or use the source.


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