Smart Bookmarks is a Firefox extension that allows you to create smart bookmarks that can access dynamic or hard-to-reach web pages, automate common tasks on the Web, and easily share dynamically-generated content.

Many pages on the Web today, such as flight search results or customized online computer configurations, can't be bookmarked using a conventional URL bookmark, since their content is dynamically generated and not associated with the actual URL of the page. Smart Bookmarks allows you to easily return to these kinds of web pages by automatically creating a smart bookmark consisting of a script of commands that return to the original page when replayed. Like traditional bookmarks, Smart Bookmarks allows you to bookmark and return to any web page with a single click. After visiting a web page and deciding you would like to bookmark it, the necessary script of commands is created for you automatically.

Smart bookmarks have a rich graphical visualization that combines textual commands, web page screenshots, and animations to clearly show what the bookmark does. Using the Smart Bookmarks sidebar, you can bookmark a web page, run a bookmark you've already created, or view and edit the graphical representation of an existing bookmark.

Install Smart Bookmarks

Graphical view of a bookmark for automating an Orbitz flight search
Graphical view of a smart bookmark for automating an Orbitz flight search

A few things you can do with Smart Bookmarks

Automate searching for a flight

You live in Boston, but your girlfriend lives in New York. You often fly down to visit for the weekend. You can create a smart bookmark that searches for flights from Boston to New York by bookmarking the result page of a flight search. Since you do this search frequently, but using different days each time you do the search, you can edit the bookmark to turn the Leave and Return dates into parameters that the browser requests every time you run the bookmark.

Share your custom laptop configuration with a friend

You need to buy a new office PC. You use Dell's web site to select a base model, and then go through a number of forms in which you customize the hardware components and preloaded software to meet your needs. Once you're done configuring the new PC, however, you realize that you can't continue the order process, because you don't know how to pay for it. You need to send it to Luis, a colleague who actually handles the payments. So you press Create Bookmark to save your place, generating a smart bookmark that is able to return to the customized PC you have created. You save the bookmark to a file and email it to Luis. Luis imports the bookmark into his web browser, scans its visual representation briefly to see what it does, and runs it in order to recreate the same configuration and complete the ordering process.

If Luis did not have Smart Bookmarks installed in his browser, then you could also have just copied the bookmark to the clipboard and pasted it into your email client where it would appear as a list of textual commansd. Luis could then follow these instructions by hand to recreate the same configuration.

Bookmark your bank portfolio

You'd like to have a bookmark that goes directly to the statement of your net worth, but this page is not normally bookmarkable. Instead, you have to log in and navigate to it. With a Smart Bookmark, however, this page becomes easy to bookmark and revisit. The resulting bookmark contains some sensitive information (your password), which is automatically detected and securely stored using Firefox's built in password manager.