Getting Started

Opening the Smart Bookmarks sidebar

Smart Bookmarks sidebar To open (or close) the Smart Bookmarks sidebar, go to View -> Sidebars -> Smart Bookmarks in the Firefox menu. Or just hit F9.

Creating a bookmark

Create Bookmark button

You can create a new smart bookmark by visiting the page you want to bookmark in your browser, and clicking the Create Bookmark button in the sidebar toolbar.

New Blank Bookmark button

If you'd rather create a blank bookmark and add commands to it later by demonstrating exactly what you want the bookmark to do in your browser, you should use Live Edit mode (see Editing a bookmark below) after creating the blank bookmark using the "New Bookmark button" in the toolbar.

Playing a bookmark

Play a bookmark

Play a bookmark straight from the bookmark list

Play only a few commands at a time

To play a bookmark that you've already created, click on the bookmark's name in the bookmark list to view it, and then click the Go button in the toolbar. Or you can play it straight from the bookmark list by clicking on the small play icon that appears when you hover over a bookmark's name.

You can play back only a few commands at a time using three buttons in the secondary toolbar when you're viewing a bookmark. If you can't see the buttons, show the secondary toolbar by clicking on the down arrow below the main toolbar first. The first playback button will play only the selected command. The next button (arrow pointing toward a line) will play down to the selected command from the beginning of the bookmark. And the third button (arrow pointing away from a line) will play from the selected command to the end of the bookmark.

Having Smart Bookmarks ask for a bookmark command's value each time it's played

How to have Smart Bookmark's ask for a command's value ever time a bookmark is played

It's possible to tell Smart Bookmarks to ask for the value to enter into a textbox or to choose from a drop down menu each time you play the bookmark, rather than using a preset value every time (this might be useful for the departure and return dates for a flight search for instance). To do this, right click on the command you want to change in the bookmark's graphical command list, and select "Choose value.." and then "Before running this bookmark" or "While running this bookmark" from the menu that appears.

"Before running this bookmark" will cause Smart Bookmarks to ask you for the value for this command (and all other commands for which you've selected this option) right before starting to play the bookmark. On the other hand, "While running this bookmark" tells Smart Bookmarks to pause the playback of the bookmark when it reaches this command, and lets you enter the value into the actual web page before continuing with the rest of the bookmark. This option might be useful for dealing with captchas, where you won't know what to enter until you see the actual web page.

Editing a bookmark

There are several ways to edit a bookmark once it's been created. If can copy, cut, paste, or delete commands by selecting them (selected commands are highlighted in green; select multiple commands by holding down shift or ctrl), and right-clicking and choosing the appropriate option from the context menu. All the usual keyboard shortcuts will work as well (ctrl-c, ctrl-x, ctrl-v, and Del). You can copy and paste commands in the same bookmark, between different bookmarks, or even to a text or email editor (in which case, they'll appear as textual command). You can also add a new blank command to a bookmark using the "Add command" option in the context menu.

Change a command's value

If you just want to change a command's value (what will be entered into a text box or selected from a drop down menu for instance), click on the highlighted words of the command that you want to change, and make any modifications in the textbox that appears. You can also choose "Change value" from the command's context menu.

If you want to edit the command's behavior entirely (create a new textual keyword command), choose "Edit command" from its context menu and make any modifications in the textbox that appears. The image associated with the command will be removed, but will be recreated the next time it is played. Note: this option is only available if Chickenfoot is also installed, as it relies on Chickenfoot's keyword command capabilities.

Use Live Edit mode to add new command's to a bookmark

Finally, if you'd like to change a bookmark or create new commands by demonstrating what you would like it to do, you should use Live Editing mode. You can toggle Live Editing by clicking on the "Live Edit" button in the secondary toolbar while viewing a bookmark (if you can't see the Live Edit button, make sure the toolbar is displayed by clicking the down arrow below the main toolbar). While in Live Editing mode, anything you do in your browser (clicking on links, entering text into textboxes, etc) will add the corresponding commands to your bookmark at the location of the flashing cursor. Like a text editor, you can move the editing cursor around to change the portion of the bookmark that you are modifying, and you can highlight commands that will be replaced by the next action that you demonstrate in your browser. Exit Live Edit mode by clicking again on the toggle button.

Viewing an animated preview of a bookmark

View an animated preview ofa  bookmark

If you had a bookmark sent to you from someone else, or just need help remembering what a bookmark does, you can view an animated preview of the bookmark by clicking on the "Movie" button in the top left hand corner of your bookmark's "go to..." command (the first command in the bookmark). You can also view a shorter preview for individual commands by clicking on their "Movie" button as well.

Viewing your browser history

View your browsing history

You can view a graphical list of all the actions you've performed in your browser during the current session by clicking on the History button in the bookmark list toolbar. The history will display all the commands you performed in the currently visible tab. In addition to viewing the commands in your history, you can copy and paste commands into one of your bookmarks as well.

Saving a bookmark to a file or emailing it to a friend

Export a bookmark

Import a bookmark

To save a bookmark to a file, view the bookmark in the Smart Bookmark's sidebar, click the Export button in the toolbar, and choose a file name. If any of the commands in your bookmark contain passwords, you will be asked whether you want to include those in the file as well. After exporting the bookmark, you can then email it to a friend as an attachment, and if the friend also has Smart Bookmarks installed, they can add it to their own bookmark list using the Import button (located in the bookmark list toolbar).

If your friend doesn't use Smart Bookmarks, you can also copy the bookmark (right click on the bookmark in your bookmark list and choose Copy), and then paste the bookmark as a list of text commands into a text editor or email. You can do the same thing for individual commands as well.